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The Judge
Electronic Finish Line

This shows installation on a typical three lane wood track, and covers the basic features and principles.

The Judge can be ordered to fit any track so some details may be different. The more common variations are found below:



Installing Illuminators on BestTrack























Installing Junction Board on BestTrack









Installing Junction Board on BestTrack







Installing Junction Board on BestTrack







Installing Junction Board on BestTrack


1. Establish your finish line. Use a square to draw a line across your track at right angles to the track length.

2. Drill a 5/16" hole in the exact center of each lane. Your track manufacturer may have already done this for you.

3. Mount the Illuminator Board on the bottom of the track, using the #4 screws supplied.

On plastic tracks, small pieces of double sided foam tape is good.

Make sure the black cable exits on the side of the track that the driver of a car would say is the left side.

Remove the Illuminator when the track is stored, except in the case of BestTrack.

4. Turn the track right side up, and install The Judge using the four #6 screws provided. Make sure the green light is pointed uphill so that it can be seen from the start line.

If you wish to allow taller cars to compete, The Judge can be raised on blocks several inches with no loss of performance,

If the track deck is too narrow to mount The Judge on the running surface, you will have been supplied "wings" to mount on the sides of the track from the bottom.

5. Snap the Illuminator cable into the socket above the battery case.

Add three AA batteries, and that's it. You will get the distinctive Judge Light Show, and the Judge will be ready for the first race.

If you have the Wall Transformer, plug it in just above battery case.

The rippling Light Show occurs during initial power up, and after every race to signal the reset transition into the next race.
Note: You must add the power last, after other connections are made. See Rule 1.

If you have COMPUTER OPTION, continue with the installation . . .

6. Mount Magnetic Switch

Peel off the waxed paper and attach the magnet to the downhill edge of the gate's peg bar.

You may use the #4 screws to secure, but the tape is usually sufficient.



7. Close the gate. Peel off the waxed paper and attach the switch to the track deck adjacent to the magnet.

You may use the #4 screws to secure, but the tape is usually sufficient.

There should be a gap of about 1/4" between magnet and switch. It is not critical.



8. Mount the Junction Board.

The board is mounted a few inches downhill from the gate, within range of the white wires. Use the black spacers between the board and the track.

Because the bottom of the board is not flat, the spacers prevent stresses as the screws are driven.

9. Make last 3 connections

White wires from magnetic switch are pressed on to the spade terminals.

Long black modular cable from the Judge is clicked into the socket.

Last, the Serial Cable to computer is attached.

If your computer has no serial port, plug the Serial Cable into your USB-Serial adapter.

Remember to keep your start gate closed unless you are releasing cars.

Always add batteries LAST after all other connections are made.

Refer to trouble shooting section if you have problems.

Or give us a call.