BestTrack Installation Notes

Use these steps to install the Computer Option Junction Board Assembly

Step 1. You might have to remove the start gate to accomplish this. Slide a 1/4"-20x3/4" bolt (included) into the track as illustrated, a few inches downhill from the gate. Re-install the start gate. Note: This bolt is longer than all other bolts that are supplied with the track.

Step 2. Remove wax paper from the magnet, and attach it to the aluminum peg bar in the position shown. Place the magnet along the outer edge, as far from hinge axis as possible.

Step 3. Mount the Junction Board Assembly to the track by dropping it in place over the bolt, and attaching loosely with nut.

Step 4. Adjust the distance between the magnet and switch so that it has 5/8" separation when the gate is closed.

Step 5. Tighten the nut finger tight. Using a wrench will crush the board.

When the gate opens, the separation increases to about 1 and 1/4"

The magnetic switch operates when the distance between the two parts is about 1 inch. You can verify proper operation by using an ohmmeter to measure the switch continuity as you slowly open the gate. The operating point should be comfortably between the open and closed positions.

Another angle of a completed installation. This is the current configuration, with the white wires permanently soldered to the Junction Board.