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Instructions for installation of Model GLW Linear Solenoid Mechanism for Wood Tracks

Note for Piantedosi Classic plywood track owners: The peg bar supplied with this track is too large and heavy to use with our solenoid gates, either the GLW shown here, or the GRW. You will need to make or purchase a lighter weight peg bar such as the one pictured below, which is made from 1x2 standard dimensional lumber. An aluminum angle is also a good choice. Additionally, the rear pylon of this track is very close to the peg slots, which will require modification to the pylon. Please call to discuss.

Installing on typical Pinewood gate made from a hinged 1x2.

The arrow shows the direction of car travel.

Step 1. Choose where you want to install the GLW module. It can be installed at any convenient place along the peg bar.

Step 2. The strike plate will be installed on the downhill surface of the peg bar. Use the two washers to hold the strike plate off from the peg bar surface.

Carefully locate the strike plate vertically so that the latch tip will be just over the edge of the strike plate. Mark and drill pilot holes for the screws.

Step 3. Mount the strike plate using the flat head screws.
Step 4. Locate the GLW module so that the tip of the latch engages the strike plate. This is a critical step. Test the action while holding the GLW module firmly in place. As you hold the module, try to rotate the peg bar. It must firmly hold. When you are satisfied that the action is perfect, mark your mounting holes,

Step 5. An ice pick is a good tool to mark your pilot hole locations.

Step 6. Drill a small pilot hole and install the eyehook near the downhill edge of the peg bar as shown. One end of the spring is looped through the eyehook, and the other end is screwed to the bottom side of the trackby a screw up hill from the start gate. Position this screw to stretch the spring so that there is tension.

There should be enough tension to insure that there is still some tension when the gate is in the open position.

But use only enough spring tension to get the job done. Excessive spring tension can make the strike plate dig into the latch tip and make it difficult to open.


Step 7 . Plug your light tree or start gate switch into the GLW module. Then plug your power supply into the GLW module. When you activate, the gate will snap open.

After the cars leave the gate, reset the gate manually.