Low Cost Accessories for BestTrack Pinewood Derby Track

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High Performance, Affordable Accessories for
Pinewood Derby, Hot Wheels, Soapbox Derby, and other racing formats.

Low Cost Accessories for

Congratulations to BestTrack on their
tenth year in business!

The BestTrack is popular Pinewood Derby track. We have been
offering economical and effective accessories designed for this
track for the last ten years.
Compare specs and prices.

You do have choices.

We make:

Electronic Finish Line Timers

Light Trees and Mounting Kits

Remote Start Gates

Remote Control Interfaces

Custom Designs


Model TRB Transponder
Electronic Finish Line Timer

Hundreds sold.

Click pictures to learn more.

Specifically designed for BestTrack

One through eight lane models

For advanced groups that use race software to display the video graphics to a big screen.

Identical performance to Champ when projected, at a fraction of price.

The Judge

Electronic Finish Line Timer

Over 4900 sold since 1994

One through eight lanes

Indicates Win, Place, Show to audience

Available with or without computer interface

Immune to damage from wrong power supply

Affordable alternative to the Champ

Light Trees

Add a bit of drama to your races

Closeout Sale on

Model LT3 Only $70 while supplies last

NEW! Model LT4

Bright Drag Strip style lights signal start of race.

Operates ALL remote control start gates, including Jewkes ESS.

Mounts directly to BestTrack.

Start Countdown by IR Remote Control, push button switch, or computer.

The Perfect Match


LT4-F Light Tree

For True Drag Racing
where reaction time counts!

Functionally equivalent to DragMaster light tree.

Operates all our gates, and the ESS.

Detects and indicates false starts.

Perfect companion for BestTrack Split Start Gate

Available in single, or double sided.

3 fault lights per lane, everyone in room can see.


Model GPS

Grounding Power Strip

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Designed expressly for BestTrack.

Handy power source for computer, projector, track accessories.

Grounds your track to eliminate static electricity.

Safety measure against electrical faults.

GRB Remote Start Gate

For that mysterious hands-free effect.

NEW Available in Low Voltage version.

Start your races by remote control

Designed specifically for BestTrack

No need to manually reset the start gate

May be triggered in variety of ways

Only $139

GLB Remote Start Gate

High performance

NEW Available in a Left Lane version
for split gate drag racing.

Start your races by remote control

Designed specifically for BestTrack

May be triggered in variety of ways.

Low Voltage, Simple installation

Works like ESS, but more features, lower cost.

Electronic Finish Line for

Space Derby

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Complete integration on your finish line bar

Shows Finish Order to audience.

Computer operation with Pinewood software.

Works indoors or outdoors. The only one that does.

Rugged sensors warranteed for life.

NEW Upgrades to ESS

Give your ESS the same great functions
of our GLB series Remote Start Gate

Make your ESS work with our LT3E Light Tree.

Start the countdown by wireless IR.

Operate your ESS from your computer.

Operate your ESS by wireless remote control.

Available also as a kit for the DIY-er

Connector Changes

We will change the connectors on any of our products so that they cannot be plugged into The Champ.

Totally unnecessary waste of money, and we don't recommend you get this.

But it is available if concerned about "burning out Champ by the wrong power supply"

Cost effective way to get peace of mind, and enjoy the superior flexibility and capabilities of our GLB series Start Gates.

Outdoor Operation

We will change the IR emitters and the Sensors in your Champ to allow operation in any ambiant light condition, including full sunlight

Our exclusive Sunlight Max sensing system is now available for The Champ.

Operate outdoors. Popular in California, Arizona, and Florida.

Did you know...

If you chose a TRB4 Transponder, an LT4 Light Tree, and a GLB start gate ....

.... rather than The Champ, the DragMaster and the ESS ....

you would save enough money to buy a 46" monitor that you could use the year around?

New Directions products:


Compact and easy to store,

IEEE compliant,

Low voltage and safe,

Interoperable across Pinewood market,

High performance.